3 Mistakes To Avoid With Adwords

For anyone that wants to get the best results when people are searching for a product or service online, Google Adwords can be a valuable ally. By using this service, Google gives preferential treatment and prioritises links to your product/service when people conduct a search, but there are some common mistakes people make that often cripple their chances at success. Avoid these three errors!

Don’t Ignore Ad Groups

To some, it may seem to make sense to simply take all keywords and have them all jumbled into one large “soup” of keywords that all lead to the same place. In actuality, this hurts your chances at successful searches, because people—and Google—like specificity. If you provide illustration and graphic design services, market them separately. If you sell rings and bracelets, make that distinction.

Don’t Ignore Keyword Match Types

Adwords gives online searches a few different categories. They range from broad to specific, and you can manage how you want these search terms to affect you. So if you want to get results only from people that specifically name your business, you can concentrate on phrases or “exact” matches. If you want to account for misspellings, or people who are just searching in general, be sure to tweak your broad match settings.

Don’t Ignore Negative Keywords

You may know what words you want people to use when they’re looking for you. Do you know what words you want to avoid? For example, if you provide high quality, premium jewellery items, then anyone that’s doing a search for “cheap jewellery” probably isn’t for you. You should take the time to mark that word as a negative that you don’t want impacting your search results. People using the wrong words can detract from your sales, so take the time to flag and exclude negative keywords from your search results.