3 Things Customer Service Should Do

If there’s one thing that no one wants to be on the receiving end of, it’s a scripted response. Anyone that has a problem and calls up customer service a few times, or writes an email, or gets on a chat channel, and gets the exact same response every time is going to feel like poorly treated. Sometimes a customer may even wonder if the person on the other end is actually a person, or just a “chatbot,” only capable of giving out the same, repetitive “canned” response.

That’s why it’s important to avoid a scripted response while at the same time repeating certain important actions. These three are the big ones.

Acknowledge The Problem

Never pretend that a problem is a big deal, or a customer is just being sensitive or silly. Always acknowledge that a problem is there, but don’t do it the same way. If all you do is repeat, “We’re sorry you’re unsatisfied,” that gets old quickly. Phrases like, “I know what it’s like when things go wrong,” or “I can relate to how bad this must feel” validate the customer experience.

Thank Them For Writing In

Once again, don’t just cut n’ paste “Thanks for writing back” into every email or chat window. That’s too obvious. Take the time to craft something more personalized. Say, “I’m glad you got in touch with us,” or, “Thanks for letting us know about this, it means a lot to us when people reach out.” Make sure the customer doesn’t think you’re annoyed or angry with them for reaching out.

Invite More Feedback

Always let the customer know you’re ready for more. Don’t go, ad infinitum with, “Please let us know more,” but switch it up with, “If there’s anything else, reach out,” or, “If there are more questions and concerns, we’re here for you.” The important thing is, leave the door open!