There’s A Better Way To Work Than Multi-Tasking

For many entrepreneurs, the ability to multi-task can be a source of pride. To be sure, there are days so busy it’s difficult to avoid doing multiple things at the same time, but some feel that more work gets done this way. Unfortunately, there’s a difference between feeling productive and seeing quality results and that’s where an old fashioned work technique is beginning to come back into popularity; single-tasking.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

The turn of the century was one that was obsessed with volume. People wanted more, and the ability to do more in a short span of time was valued as an important trait to have. As we move further into the new century, things have changed. Volume is “easy” and what really matters again is quality.

This is where multi-tasking and single-tasking have their most dramatic parting of the ways. While working on many different things simultaneously can leave your brain feeling “energised” and active, this doesn’t reflect in the actual quality of the work. When two people of similar ability are given a task, the person that can focus exclusively on the single task performs both faster and better than the person performing multiple tasks in addition to the primary one.

Work Dumber For Longer

Perhaps the most critical disadvantage of multi-tasking is the measurable drop in IQ that results in this process. A 2005 study found that people distracted by e-mail, text messaging and other typical office activities experienced a drop in IQ that was more severe than someone under the influence of marijuana. In other words, the more work you do at the same time, the dumber the overall quality is of your work during that time.

When you live in a world where results count more than the quantity, don’t let multi-tasking overtake your ability to deliver good results, single-task on the jobs that matter.