Can You Use Instagram For Marketing?

Instagram is one of the more recent social media platforms, but it’s quickly gained ground as one of the dominant platforms for younger demographics. It’s so effective, in fact, that Facebook bought the company in order to retain the youthful demographic that were abandoning Facebook as a “platform for old people!”

So if you’re targeting a younger market, you definitely want to be on Instagram. But how? How do you market your product or service on a social platform that’s all about photography?

Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories feature is the way businesses that can get serious about promoting on this platform. It’s a way to create a “narrative,” or add some structure to your imagery so that it’s not just random images, but are designed to disappear after 24 hours, making them limited in time and scope. However, Instagram Stories also has an important feature for businesses;

Product stickers

With product stickers, as followers move through your Instagram Story, any specific products that are featured with a sticker can interact with a follower. By clicking on the stickers, followers can learn more about the specific product and, if you want, they can eventually make a purchase this way.

Limited Time Event

The best way to use Instagram Stories is as a complement to your main Instagram account. The stories are temporary, and will not appear on your main profile grid, or your main Instagram feed, but if you carefully plan and structure these, you can use them to entice your followers to other products and create more buzz.

It’s important to remember that you need a business account in order to take advantage of features like product stickers, but if they are combined with some compelling photography and a properly structured story that guides followers from one product to the next, they can be very effective at boosting sales!