Common Abandoned Cart Reasons

Abandoned carts are a real issue for ecommerce sites, with a Baymard Institute study finding that around 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned before the purchase is complete. While in some instances this could be due to customers becoming distracted and taken away from their shopping by real-life interruptions, there can be other causes as well. Some common reasons why an online cart may be abandoned are:

  • The customer cannot afford their purchase
  • Shipping costs are too high
  • Website fails to function properly
  • Complicated checkout
  • Must create an online account
  • Security concerns
  • Window shopping
  • Lack of payment options

Of all of these reasons, overpriced shipping takes the top spot with 63% of carts abandoned due to shipping costs considered to be too high. Coming in second is window shopping with 57%. Getting to the bottom of why carts are abandoned allows brands to approach their abandoned cart emails in an effective way.

According to Sale cycle, 28.3% of ecommerce revenue comes from effective abandoned shopping cart emails drawing customers back to complete their purchases. The perfect abandoned cart email is done at the right time and with the right frequency.

One may consider sending their first abandoned cart email fairly quickly after the cart has been left, like within the first 60 or so minutes. At this time, their shopping is still fresh in their mind, and can yield 3x the conversions compared to waiting until the next day or even just a few hours later.

Next, you may wish to make an offer or offer a special promotion to
sweeten the deal a bit. Free shipping or small percentages off seem to work best in driving customers back to their carts on your ecommerce website. Lastly is the follow-up, and coming back to the abandoned cart a second or third time in the coming days asking if customers are still interested in their purchases.