Converting Customers After Landing on a Sold-Out Product Page

If you are a business owner that is currently trying to launch, build, and scale your own online store, then you may find that you run into a few questions along the way. One such question that is quite common is regarding what happens when the products you sell online are no longer available. What can you do as a business to keep the customer, secure a sale, and avoid losing any potential customers?

Seasonal products are a bit different than everyday products that may become out of stock. Seasonal products are just that, seasonal. Meaning that once they are gone, that’s it. However, if you are sold out of products for other reasons, then there are still things you can do to keep the customer and still secure a sale.

Instead of wasting all your efforts on the product page part of your problem, you should focus more energy on the overall customer experience. People are visiting your site to buy a product, and when they get there and find that they can’t buy what they intended, they may become frustrated.

In this case, you should focus on email sign-ups, landing pages, and pre-orders to help save the customer and establish a sale.

Email Sign-Ups

Email sign-ups are good because once the customer signs up, they will receive an alert as soon as the product is back in stock. It also provides an opportunity for the customer to stay on the site and do something, rather than see their product is not available and just leave.

Landing Page

A landing page is a golden opportunity to create a page that can recommend other products and suggest alternatives if something is out of stock. You will continue to market the original product, but they will also be sent to a new page with other products that are similar, so you do not lose the sale.


Finally, pre-orders make sense for an online business and is relatively easy to set up. Even when the product is out of stock, you will still be able to secure the sale by having the customer pre-order it.

Before you give up hope and lose more customers, explore the above options and see how delivering a better customer experience can help establish customer loyalty and boost sales.