Ensure Your Shop Is Getting Conversions

According to research performed by HubSpot, only 22% of merchants are satisfied with how their traffic is converting into sales. Even with what may be viewed as the best marketing, your marketing is only great if it’s bringing visitors to your website and ultimately turning those visitors into customers. There are a few ways you can improve your shop conversion rates, and they revolve around the user experience.

When forming your website and e-commerce store, the very first thing you want to do and keep in mind is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. You want to take on their viewpoint, you want to become them and create a website you yourself would want to buy from. First and foremost, consider how mobile technology has taken over our everyday lives, and how your store performs on a mobile platform. An e-commerce store that isn’t optimized for mobile will lose a great deal of traffic coming to the site from their smartphones.

Your store should be easy on the eyes, and draw customers in with design. Without an eye-catching design, customers may lose interest in your store quickly, and they’ll go elsewhere to make their purchase from a store with a design that draws them in. From this first look, you want the entire buying process to be just as smooth. From product searches, to descriptions, to the checkout process, any bumps in the road could serve as inspiration to drive customers away.

Aside from the typical buying experience, you also want to make sure you’re reachable and able to be contacted in a simple way. Too often contact pages are difficult to find or unavailable for mobile users, and this may lead potential customers coming as traffic on your website to think you’re not as trustworthy or open as other retailers. With easy contact, customers feel assured that they’re spending with a merchant who has pride in the experience they’re providing.