How To Get More Instagram Followers

Social media is one of the most recent explosions in both marketing and general digital use by the population. However, because it’s also so new, and based in technology, that also means it’s a bit of a “moving target,” with social media platforms rising and falling unpredictably, but with alarming regularity. From MySpace to Facebook to Twitter and now Instagram, the dominant social platform is dependent as much on fashion as it is on function. Instagram is one of the more recent success stories, but how do you ensure you get more followers for your business account?

Hashtags Matter

As with Twitter, if you can be more easily found, you’ve won a crucial step in the social media battle. Smart hashtag usage is part of the “search wars” strategy. Don’t just use the most popular hashtag, as that will get you a possible look, but little else. Make sure that the hashtags you employ are relevant to the product or service you offer. If you’re a local business, make sure you use local hashtags.

Filters Are An Indicator

Instagram is all about sharing images, and one of the key things that determines the final “look” of an image is filter usage. Some people will actively search for images that use their preferred filter, so if you know your customers have a preferred filter, such as Ludwig or Clarendon, then make sure your images employ this filter so that you’ll rank higher in searches for your preferred clientele.

Ride Trends

When certain things are rising to prominence on Instagram, see if you can’t be a part of it. The most obvious example of this is holidays, when the Christmas hashtag will go into heavy rotation. Be a part of that, or other relevant events, trends of fashions, and you can create more visibility for your business, products and services on this latest social media platform.