How To Handle Your Store Launch

All right, you’ve done it! You’ve saved, invested, planned, implemented, and watched the fruits of labor come to bear; you’re now an entrepreneur, and you’re open for business! But now that you’ve got a store, whether physical, online, or both, what do you do next? You’ve built it, but how do you get them to come? There are some important tips you need to keep in mind as you take your store to the next level and start building your business.

Get Your SEO Right

Not sexy at all, but super important. SEO, or search engine optimization, means that you are taking the time to make your business as easily searchable as possible on search engines like Google. Big, bulky telephone books with yellow pages are a thing of the past for business listings, everyone who’s looking for something turns to something like Google first. So make sure Google finds you! Use the appropriate keywords, use meta-descriptions, tags, and anything else that makes sure you go to the top of the list!

Go Local

This is critically important for a real-world, local business, serving a local community. You have to exploit the fact that you’re local, and you have to be a part of the local community. So get out there and engage! Take part in community events. If your business is about food, provide some samples. If your business is about other products or services, find a way to get in there, be seen, and interact with the community. These your customers, but they need to know that!

Create Online Traffic

Social media can be an amazing platform for marketing… but only if you don’t treat it strictly as marketing. If you have customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms, go there and engage with them. Socialize, interact, but never, ever be strictly business.