How To Make Your Facebook Holiday Marketing Count

As we enter the holiday season, marketing ramps up to the busiest, most exhilarating—and nerve-wracking—time of the year. This is it, this is the time that you’ve been saving up that marketing budget for, when you can enjoy the most sales and the most profit, but only if you have the customers coming. Facebook marketing is now a critical component of doing that, especially for customers online, and by following a few simple tips, you can make sure your Facebook marketing really exploits the holiday sales potential.

Invest Early

One common mistake people make is to start their marketing campaigns only during the holidays. The problem with this strategy is that many other people are doing exactly the same thing, which means you are potentially more “noise” getting lost in the static.

If you market regularly and effectively before the holiday season, you can build up familiarity and even potential relationships with customers on Facebook. After all, it’s a social media platform, so the more social you are, the more effective your marketing becomes.

Cultivate Warm Marketing

The difference between “warm” and “cold” marketing is that cold marketing starts from scratch. You don’t know who these people are, there’s no connection or relationship between you, the customers, or the product or service you are promoting. In other words, you’re basically just spam.

Warm marketing means you’re working with existing relationships, whether that means people who regularly interact and “like” your posts on Facebook, people that have subscribed to your newsletter or follow your Twitter posts, or any other relationship.

Spend Smart

Don’t just throw money at holiday marketing and expect results. If you’re not a big, multi-national corporation you have to be smart with your money. Do your research on your audience, be more specific with your targeting, and don’t get too ambitious. A smaller budget with better chances of sales is better than casting a wide net with no promising results.