Mastering The Order Confirmation Email

The probability of selling to an existing customer is around 60-70% according to Paul Farris’ book Marketing Metrics. Typically, if a customer has already purchased your products before, and had a positive experience doing so, they’ve established their interest in your shopping experience and are easier to sell to again. A great way to hit this target is with making the most of your order confirmation emails.

The order confirmation email can be used as not only a notice email, but a marketing opportunity as well. Now, one should carefully consider just how direct this marketing message is, and it shouldn’t be too pushy as to give off a negative first impression. The confirmation email should provide reassurance that their order has been confirmed and on its way shortly first and foremost, but it should also serve as an outstretched hand, friendly and ready to do business again in the future.

A great strategy to use in your confirmation emails is to make targeted suggestions to other products in your inventory. For instance, if a person has purchased a particular plaid shirt, suggesting pants, accessories, or other products that go well with that style. Another idea is to offer the opportunity to add-on additional suggested products to the order before it ships, showing these suggested products with a simple “add-on” button to click. What this does is encourages larger orders or additional orders using products already relevant to their expressed interests.

Your confirmation email is a perfect opportunity to build real lasting relationships with first-time or regular customers, and to do so with reassurance about a current order while showing off other things your customers may like.