Three Ways To Work At Home More Efficiently

With more and more people making the decision to step away from normal, salaried employment and run their own business at home, things have become more complicated. The home, once normally a place to enjoy life at the end of a work day, is now an office, an accounting firm, a client servicing space and more. If you’ve decided that your home is about to become your new workplace, here are a few things to help make the transition more productive.

Remember To Write It Off For Taxes

While it’s unethical to use your entire home as a tax write-off because it is now  your place of work, it’s both smart and honest to measure out the parts of the home are vital part of your job, and take them into account when you are filing your taxes. It requires a little bit of work the first time, making the correct measurements and estimates, but now that your home is also where you work, you should make it work for you when tax time arrives.

Create Specific Points Of Contact

Now that you’re working at home, make sure to clearly divide the business interactions from the personal ones. Create new phone numbers and email addresses for work-related inquiries. You don’t want to start mixing up calls from family with questions from new clients because everyone is calling the same phone number. And you don’t want business email cluttering up your inbox along with messages from your friends. Separate these interactions.

Schedule Breaks

Now that you’re working at home, remember to set the clock for decompressing. Just because you can work for six straight hours, doesn’t mean you should. Always remember to give your brain a chance to recharge itself and take a few minutes to relax. Taking a break every 90 minutes, or even every 45, can make a big difference to how focused your concentration is.